The use of smartphones has been a debatable topic until now where it’s always been implemented into the mind of young students on the negative effects on smartphones. But even after a long year of lectures on how smartphones will impact your studies and your communication skills, even going so far as to warn that you’ll get a terrible disease in your brain from using your smartphone, that doesn’t stop young people from using them. Right now at this digital age, we basically can’t operate without out little personal assistant at our side. Instead of focusing on the negative effects, let’s remember how much our society needs a smartphone to operate in a positive way.

Smartphones aren’t just for calls and messages, in fact, many branded shops have been migrating their shop to the mobile commerce page. This migration allows easy business and online product purchases for those who have no time to go out shopping. Other than that, smartphones have made communication easier and free! There are many instant messaging apps that allow users to communicate through free and endless text messaging and calls by using apps like Whatsapp or Skype. This also makes communication much easier and better for everyone.

Furthermore, you don’t have to buy a map anymore for every road trip that you plan. Your smartphone has its very own map that works their way to calculate which road will take you to your destination the fastest, and at the same time helps you avoid traffic as well! Waze is an example of a popular app that uses GPS services to search for routes. Other than that, there is a special German-made phone tracking app, or in German, “Handy Orten”. The app is called “Handy Orten App” or “handy orten ohne app” that helps users to track their phone quickly and efficiently in a case of an emergency.