Road Biking with Dogs

Spending time with your dog in the outdoors as you cycle can be a fun idea for the both of you to have fun. But not all dogs are disciplined enough to walk next to you as you ride your bike or comfortable enough to be walking next to a foreign object. Dogs that are easily frightened or distracted must be properly trained before setting foot down the road.
It is always important to start out slow. Getting your dog to be comfortable with identifying what a bicycle allows them to learn to be less frightened when you’re cycling next to it. Begin with having your dog be familiar with a parked bike before starting a short walk with it as you push your bike at your side.
When your pup is comfortable, remember that your dog can’t always keep up a hundred percent of the time. Riding at a short distance in a moderate, conservative pace helps to improve your dog’s fitness as they get used to longer distances with you. However, if your dog lags and there are mood changes in terms of enthusiasm, take a break and inspect it. This may be due to your dog being too tired to keep up. Get it to feel better by offering some water and slowing down your pace on the ride home.
Having a good road bike to pair with your running companion gives the best experience if you are willing to invest time in training and equipment. Websites such as offer good quality road bikes that are made to adjust to your abilities. And as you adjust yourself, it can be very beneficial to bond and improve your dog’s strength as well. For the safety of your dog, getting a leash and a colorful reflective collar is recommended to keep your pet as safe as possible on the open road.